It’s been well established that natural foods and herbs have a general ability to heal body parts they look like, such as carrots with eyesight (when sliced, they look like an iris) and walnuts, which resemble the human brain and are excellent for brain health.

sangre de drago collagen

In the same vein comes a unique plant-based supplement from tropical regions, especially the Amazon Rainforest, which locals call Sangre de Drago, “Blood of the Dragon” or dragon’s blood, famous for its wound-healing, blood cleansing, and other unique skin-healing properties.

The plant is starting to become more well known among naturopathic doctors, healers, and natural health enthusiasts, but still hasn’t found its way into the mainstream despite its long history of effective use.

As you may have guessed, pharmaceutical companies play a major role in the suppression of this story, as well as the many health benefits and uses of Sangre de Drago.

And because of their unwillingness to share these benefits with the general public, millions of people are missing out on one of the most versatile and potent healers on the face of God’s Green Earth.

The Hidden Origins of Sangre de Drago

Recently I had the opportunity to hear a speech from herbal medicine advocate and former treasure hunter John Easterling at the 2018 Alliance for Natural Health Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, where he spoke about the myriad health benefits of Sangre de Drago (also called Sangre de Grado).

Easterling is the husband of famous singer and actress Olivia Newton-John as well as the original founder of the famous (among natural health geeks at least), now-defunct Amazon Herb Company.

While searching for treasure in a remote stretch of the Amazon Rainforest, Easterling became ill and was treated by jungle natives, during which he says he discovered the true treasures of the rainforest: its healing herbs.

In the years prior to his arrival, Easterling had been dealing with the side effects of hepatitis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever before coming down with yet another fever in the Amazon jungle.

The natives’ treatments and herbs, including Sangre de Drago, healed him so profoundly that Easterling decided to make sharing them with the world his life’s mission. He soon had the idea to bring them back to the United States and began selling them, both to natural health professionals and eventually the general public. Easterling had forgotten about his treasure hunting dreams for the foreseeable future.

“It was an awakening for me,” he said. “Those botanicals are the greatest treasures of the Amazon.”

‘Amazon John’ Easterling (second from left) and friends on an expedition in the Amazon Rainforest.

Easterling sold the Amazon Herb company to Trivita in 2012 (which subsequently changed and/stopped carrying of most of the products, making them less natural and potent in the process), leaving a massive hole in the market for those seeking Sangre de Drago and other potent, wildcrafted Amazon Herbs.

In the company’s stead, pharmaceutical companies have maintained a constant presence in the Amazon Rainforest, where they’ve spent millions of dollars not just on finding new healing compounds from other plants to synthesize, but also on researching the uses of Sangre de Drago itself.

Easterling said that the companies spent about $5 million to isolate a single compound in the plant, only to find out that it had a genetic structure that would not accept this form of denaturation.

In other words, Sangre de Drago is a powerful, one-of-a-kind healing powerhouse that needs no alterations, but most people still don’t even know it exists because of a lack of knowledge, the subsequent lack of demand, and domineering presence of the pharmaceutical industry.

“It’s very, very anti-viral, in fact it kind of eliminates herpes virus over a period of days,” Easterling says in the video below. “So, obviously that’s a multi billion-dollar drug category.”

“So drug companies…Put together about $20 million to isolate the active compounds to make a herpes drug out of it, and they just, the more they isolated it, the more toxic it became, until the point they had to just bury it.”

Learn more about Sangre de Drago at the 1:36 mark of this video:

“Throughout much of the Amazon rainforest, Dragon’s blood, called both Sangre de Drago and Sangre de Grado, is the primary topical aid for just about anything bad that can happen to skin.” –Chris Kilham, also known as the Medicine Hunter


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Top Uses of Dragon’s Blood for Natural Healing

The Sangre de Drago tree offers amazing benefits that have been utilized for many centuries by Amazon Rainforest natives.

For starters, it offers what is believed to be one of the strongest antioxidants in the world, as it’s made of 90 percent proanthocyanidins, the same substance found in grapeseeds which fight both cancer and aging.

This substance gives Sangre de Drago sap its rich red color, which is used by the plant to protect it from sunlight.

Sangre de Drago tinctures and supplements are also great for:

  • Skin regeneration and healing
  • Respiratory health support
  • Lining the digestive tract (important with the preponderance of GMOs)
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Helping to heal all types of scars, even acne

The natives of Peruvian rainforests also use it to heal various types of bone fractures including hemorrhoids, again showing the versatility of the tree and its signature red sap.

Sangre de Drago for Pain and Anti-Aging

Albany Medical College studies conducted by Dr. John Wallace have also shown that Sangre de Drago blocks the activation of nerve fibers that relay pain signals to the brain, allowing it to function as a painkiller, while stimulating the production of age-defying collagen in the body naturally.

According to Maria Hatzistefanis, president and founder of the Rodial Luxury & Innovative Skincare company, Sangre de Drago “works by forming a unique second skin-like film around the face. This makes it an exceptional anti-aging product in all facets, especially when taken in a high-quality wildcrafted Sangre de Drago supplement like this one.

Alternately, there are also many anti-aging wildcrafted  dragon’s blood supplements that have many positive reviews on, but contain a small handful of questionable ingredients despite their well-documented effectiveness.

Sangre de Drago for Heart and Blood Health

Sangre de Drago is particularly amazing in its ability to support the cardiovascular system and blood health, two areas in particular where Americans need a great deal of help.

For the heart, its antioxidants provide strong protection from damaging free radicals. Sangre de Drago has also been reported to be excellent for lowering blood pressure (although you should consult with a doctor first about dietary changes if this is something you have been advised to do).

Dragon blood (Sangre de Drago) tree leaf, which reminds many of a heart.

The heart-shaped leaf shown to the bottom right seems to portend these potential benefits.

For the blood, the benefits are also well-documented. The thick, red sap is often painted on wounds by the indigenous people to help stop bleeding and to regenerate the skin at a much faster rate.

It even helps to reduce swelling, making it great for injuries. People have also reported using it on swollen ankles to great effectiveness.

In terms of dosage amounts, be sure to read the label and consult a licensed naturopathic doctor before trying.

I personally have used Sangre de Drago topically in Amazon Herb Company blends and through the company Standard Enzyme, which makes high potency supplements for people in need of deep natural healing, much like Mr. Easterling did upon his first “discovery” of this remarkable healing herb.


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