Do you like drinking warm water? If yes, then you should never stop, but if no, then it is time to start because warm water is excellent for your health.

Lemon water 101: What are the benefits of drinking it?Even though cold water refreshes you, it actually prevents the absorption of nutrients because it activates the body to deal with the body temperature. Research reveals that cold water makes the nasal mucus thicker, thus it makes it difficult to pass through the respiratory tract.

Drinking warm water is a common practice in China and India. They are aware of its benefits so they start their day with a cup of hot water instead of coffee. Chinese don’t drink hot water when they eat but prefer warm water or a cup of hot tea. The temperature should be between 120 and 140 degrees F. It should not be too hot to burn your mouth and throat.

Putting lemon into the water makes it even more beneficial. Being rich in vitamin C, potassium, folate, limonins, and flavonoids, lemon boosts immunity and protects from colds and flu.

A cup of lemon juice provides your body with the recommended daily amount of vitamin C.

Drinking lemon water has some awesome health benefits:

Sinus congestion

When we have a cold or sinus infection, we usually drink hot tea. Hot water removes congestion, eases the passing of mucus, thus accelerates the recovery. If you want to breathe better, drink hot water in the morning and it will clear your sinus passages. Add some lemon into the water to improve your immunity and provide your body with the necessary antioxidants.

Better digestion

Warm water causes vasodilatation improving the flow of the blood. This also stimulates digestion to remove the toxins faster. Lemons are very efficient in body detoxification and for optimizing liver function.


The body needs a lot of energy to warm up the cold water. That is why cold water is a shock for your organism, making you anxious and stressed. Therefore, you should avoid it more and drink warm water instead every time you can. Warm water will relax you and your body, helping you get rid of stress.

Lemon is good for improving your mood. It improves concentration by activating the norepinephrine neurotransmitter that is related to the center of the brain responsible for attention.

Better intestinal health

While cold water slows down the work of the enzymes in the digestive tract, hot water activates them. That is why drinking hot water in the morning is beneficial for your bowel movement.

The juice of lemon also enhances intestinal health due to its high amounts of pectin. It also makes slower the sugar and starches digestion, regulates blood sugar and bowel movement.


Warm water is very easy to be absorbed. That is why drinking it will help you stay hydrated without the need of drinking a lot of water. Lemon also hydrates your body giving you a fresh flavor.

Weight loss

You can lose excess weight easily by drinking hot water because it enhances metabolism and toxins elimination. It is proved that hydration helps you lose unwanted pounds.

Improved circulation

Warm water expands blood vessels, improving blood circulation. If you drink warm water in the mornings, then the oxygen levels in your body will increase giving you better and healthy circulation.

Muscle relaxation

If you want to have a good night’s sleep, drink warm lemon water before going to bed. It will calm down your nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety levels as it relaxes every part of the body.


It rises up the internal temperature and activates the endocrine system. This leads to more sweat and aids the process of detoxification.


Achalasia is a condition where food can’t go down from the esophagus to the stomach. Food is stuck there and may cause serious problems. In this case, drinking warm water may help because it moves faster through the system than cold water.


Risks of drinking hot water

If the water is hotter than 140 degrees, it will burn your mouth and throat. So, be careful and keep in mind that even though hot water relieves cold symptoms, it doesn’t heal everything.

Don’t drink hot water if you exercise a lot. It quenches thirst more than cold water. If you work out outside, then it is better to drink cold water to lower down your body temperature.

You can also add honey to your lemon water. Honey is incredibly healthy, and it works very well when consumed together with water and lemon. Only make sure that it is organic.

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