When we have a cold, we hate the mucus part that happens. This piles up in our throats and makes us nervous when we feel it stuck like that. This is also a sign of having asthma, but mostly it is respiratory infections and problems as well.

You cough, you do weird sounds, you want to clear the throat. But this does not help and is still feeling stuck somehow. Excess mucus in the throat and chest can also be a result of allergies or external and internal irritants too. This means expert help cannot be avoided. But, if the cause is an infection or some disorder, try nature first.

We have some natural cures for this today. They include ginger, honey, lemon, and other thighs and they can help you with this congestive issue. You will start breathing easy again.

The major causes of mucus excess in the throat

As we said, the infections in the respiratory tract are mostly asthma issues and allergies that make us have extra mucus in our systems. But sometimes this is also the result of digestive issues due to nasal drips or acid refluxes.

Heartburn issues

Acid reflux and heartburn can also cause such problems and make more throat mucus. If too much of the gut acids come up in the throat esophagus part, this means the lower respiratory lining is irritated and this also makes an acidic taste in our mouth hence, more mucus in the throat area.

Nasal drips are to blame too

A lot of mucus in the throat is also the result of nasal drip. This means irritants and allergens are the triggers and also some cold symptoms and infections in the respiratory tract too. Too many nasal drips cause this and make us feel discomfort and swelling in the throat.

Allergies and asthma too

The excess throat mucus is also a sign of allergies and asthma. The allergens always irritate the throat and make more mucus pile up, so this makes swelling. The body tries to fight off this and tries to fight off dust mites, allergens, pet hairs, pollen, and mold.

Asthma is in turn a very serious inflammation that happens in the bronchial tubes and this also makes a lot of throat mucus. Asthma usually shows as wheezing and coughing, but it can look like an allergy too.

Infections of the respiratory tract

When laryngitis happens or sinusitis, this inflames the airways and makes them swell and get irritated. Coughing that lasts is the result, and also more throat mucus.


The cigarettes are poison and they have a ton of irritants that make airways clogged and inflamed. All smokers suffer from coughs and wheezing and lots of mucus too. Also, this habit could cause lung cancer, so just stop it.

Some foods

Certain foods have allergens that make extra mucus in the throat. These can be dairy, which makes a thick and hard mucus too. People who are lactose intolerant suffer from this more.

The home cures for excess mucus

1. Steaming

This is a simple and costless remedy. Just add some drops of essential oil to remove inflammation, relieve the congestive problems and remove throat germs too. Use mint, tea tree oil, or something similar to clear the breathing obstacles and resolve the infection. Add these drops in water, boil it, and remove from heat. Place a towel over your head and breathe above the steam. 10 minutes is enough for results.

2. Use ginger

Ginger is a powerful ingredient for breathing and mucus issues. It helps the throat and congestion a lot and it kills viruses and toxins too with its antioxidant properties. Have some ginger tea several times a day and remove the excess mucus too.

3. Honey

Raw and organic honey makes wonders for the health and congestion in the respiratory system. Studies proved that it kills bacteria and soothes the throat. Have a few spoons of honey every day to keep the health in general and reduce coughing too. This has the same effect as nasal drops.

4. Chilly

No wonder – chilly is a good way to warm up the throat and reduce breathing irritation. The chilly peppers have capsaicin that is an antioxidant and decongests too. It removes the mucus and inflammation and stops the nasal stuffiness too. Add this powder to some recipes.

5. Hydrate a lot!

The key is to be hydrated all the time on the inside not just outside with chemicals and cosmetics for other purposes! Have a lot of water to thin out any mucus and prevent it to happen again. Also, have chamomile with ginger tea to soothe the throat.

6. Avoid being near irritants

To prevent mucus, first, snip the root of all evil and be less exposed to irritants like allergens and toxins. If you know what is the problem for your body, just avoid that. This is the safest prevention.

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