Shrimp is the most consumed seafood in the United States. In fact, 25% of all seafood we buy in America, is shrimp. It’s tasty and most people consider is healthy. But what most consumers don’t know is that they are mostly likely eating farm raised shrimp that has been proven to be unhealthy and toxic.

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Farm-Raised Shrimp is Toxic and Unhealthy

Studies found that farmed seafood particularly shrimp can lead to serious health consequences, such as neurological damage, allergies, and other diseases. This happens because large quantities of shrimp  contaminated with pesticide residues, antibiotics or pathogens resistant to antibiotics.

Most of the shrimp are raised on aquaculture “farms” in China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Indonesia.  These farms use banned antibiotics and dangerous chemicals to keep the shrimp from dying. These antibiotics have been banned due to serious health consequences such as anemia and leukemia.

According to ABC News , most Asian-grown shrimp contained high traces of these prohibited chemicals, some at 150 times the legal limit. Rat hair and insects also have been found in shrimp raised in these facilities. Farm raised seafood from these countries  often contains salmonella and E.coli.

Unfortunately, even wild caught shrimp is not that healthy. One of main problems with wild-caught shrimp is that they’re bottom dwellers who feed on dead animal skin and parasites. These parasites can get into your body when you eat even the freshest shrimp. But if you do decide to eat shrimp anyway,  choose wild shrimp.

How to Buy Shrimp

  • Avoid farmed shrimp
  • Avoid shrimp from overseas
  • Choose shrimp caught from nearby wild populations in the United States


Detox your body from these harmful chemicals

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