Street tacos are delicious, amazing, and oh so mouthwatering! Bite into tender steak, zesty lime flavor with a hint of spice and add on tomatoes, avocado, and onions for a savory bite you are going to love!

These street tacos are completely jam-packed with flavor and they are so easy to make. I love how the meat is so tender and juicy and only takes an hour to marinate! If you absolutely love tacos like me, try out these other amazing taco recipes! These taco-stuffed avocados, Baja fish tacos, and ground beef tacos will not disappoint!!

Street tacos with toppings.

What is the Difference Between Street Tacos and Regular Tacos?

Street Tacos have gotten more and more popular over the years. The difference between these and “regular tacos” is that these are typically in smaller tortillas. The reason they are smaller is that when people ordered them off of the vendor carts or food trucks, they wanted them to be able to hold the taco with one hand while walking down the street. Hence the name “street tacos.”

Typically filled completely full of ingredients (trying to get as much into that smaller tortilla as possible) street tacos are never lacking in flavor! Street tacos are different because you typically don’t have any lettuce or tomatoes. But don’t think that this makes street tacos complicated to make. In fact, I love that these tacos can be prepared ahead of time with the marinated steak. Because of this, it is a recipe that’s so easy to throw together once it is time for dinner! This meal takes just 3 easy steps! You marinate the steak, cook it up on your stove, and add in the fresh toppings. You will not want to stop after just one and you are going to love these as much as I do!!

Ingredients You Will Need

Simple, quick, and easy don’t often go along with a description of juicy, tender steak. But luckily, these tacos do! Make sure to take the time to marinate that steak beforehand and you will experience mouthwatering, restaurant-quality steak in no time! See the recipe card below for full ingredient measurements.

  • Flank steak or skirt steak: Preparation of the steak is key to this dish. Don’t forget to marinate!!!
  • Soy Sauce: Try my using favorite soy sauce!
  • Worcestershire sauce: This will be your friend on this steak. It brings the marinade together.
  • Lime: You can use lime juice from a fresh lime or any juice that you may already have on hand (about 2 Tablespoons).
  • Minced garlic: If you aren’t using fresh garlic cloves, you can use the minced garlic you already have (½ tsp usually equals 1 clove of garlic).
  • Cilantro: This garnish is optional!
  • Chili powder: This will give you a little bit of spice without too much heat.
  • Cumin: Cumin adds in an interesting flavor, don’t forget this spice!
  • salt and pepper: Add this in to your preferred taste.
  • Flour or corn tortillas: Make sure that you are using the smaller tortillas (not burrito size).

How to Make Street Tacos

This is the part that is so incredible because it’s EASY! Again, I can’t stress enough that the marinating of the meat is the most necessary part of this dish. It will make it amazing and you won’t regret preparing that ahead of time!

  1. Cut and mix: Cut the flank steak into one inch pieces. In a medium sized bowl add the soy sauce, Worcestershire, juice from one lime, cilantro, chili powder, cumin, and salt and pepper.
  2. Marinate: Add the steak and let marinate in the fridge for 1-2 hours.
  3. Cook the meat: Heat a medium sized skillet to medium high heat. Add the steak and marinade and cook for about 5-7 minutes or until no longer pink.
  4. Add toppings: Put the steak in the center of your tortilla with desired toppings.

Yummy Varitations of Street Tacos

The best part about these tacos is that you can make them completely your own through toppings or even changing up the dish! Here are a few yummy ideas for you!

  • Don’t want to use it in a tortilla?No problem! Put this marintaed meat on top of the salad greens of your choice, add in your favorite toppings and you have a delicious steak taco salad!
  • Did someone say guacamole??Try making this homemade guacamole and adding it as a topping to your tacos!
  • Make a rice bowl:Use this delicious meat on top of some mexican rice and it will fill you right up!
  • Use larger tortillas:If you are stuffing your tacos too full, your tortilla might break! You can use a larger tortilla to fit it all if thats easier for you!
  • Different meat: If you cant to change these up, try using some chicken breast instead!


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