In the summer of 1935, by the southern border of Kenya, one dentist stood in disbelief in front of the Maasai tribe members. These indigenous people had never used toothpaste, flossed, or brushed their teeth. But they all had perfectly straight teeth and no cavities.

Did you know that the health of our teeth is in it’s worst state? In fact,  4 millions kids get braces and 10 million wisdom teeth surgeries are being performed yearly.  This shows that the health of our teeth has nothing to do with brushing or flossing. But it has everything to do with nutrition because it’s a way bigger issue that has to do with our jaws and skulls.  Our mouth is not large enough to fit an entire set of teeth.

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Look at these photos of Indians from the Amazon: Their teeth are perfectly straight and yet they never  wore braces or had any dentists.  Doesn’t make you question why modern people have such crooked teeth?

It made a dentist from Cleveland, Ohio question.  In the early 20th century, when Dr. Weston Price noticed  more and more kids having crooked teeth and cavities, he wanted to know why it was happening. After a period of vigorous studies of indigenous peoples. Dr. Price came to the conclusion that crooked teeth and cavities are caused by nutritional deficiencies.

When our diet became “modernized” (replaced with refined flour, sugars) the health of the people and their teeth deteriorated.


Our jaws don’t grow properly without adequate Vitamin A, D, and K found in traditional and whole foods. This leads to crooked and cramped teeth. The traditional diets that Price looked at often had up to 20 times more of the fat-soluble vitamins (that are essential for our teeth) of the current Western diet.

Vitamin D and A control the nutritional balance in the body. Vitamin A is crucial for bone building and without vitamin D, we can’t absorb calcium that is required for the strength of our teeth.

Vitamin K2 is critical for our oral health as well as it both fights against bacteria and remineralizes teeth from the inside.

Crooked teeth, tooth decay and cavities are all signs that the body lacks the right material to grow properly. Your mouth lets you know  exactly what to eat for whole body health.


Wheatgrass can reverse cavities and prevent tooth decay. Wheatgrass is loaded with bacteria-fighting chlorophyll that detoxifies your body and eliminates the conditions that cause harmful bacteria to damage your teeth!

Swish wheatgrass juice in your mouth for 5 minutes and spit it out. Do this 2-3 times a day!


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