As fate would have it, some of the most effective healing substances come in unexpected packages.

One of the most unknown and underestimated super foods comes from the leaves of a tropical plant that is widely consumed by many people on vacation, but almost never consumed back home.

Eleven Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves — Guardian Life — The Guardian  Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

Guava Leaf is a Superfood For Heart Health, Weight Loss and More

Most people would never think to consume the leaves of the guava, but it is gaining notoriety in some circles as a healing powerhouse with many beneficial properties.

Guava leaves have many healing benefits that come without the sugar included in the guava fruit itself.

Guava leaf extract health benefits include the following:

-Digestive health support when taken consistently.

Studies have shown that taking a guava leaf extract tincture can reduce constipation when taken consistently. It also prevents diarrhea.

-Guava leaf tincture has shown potent anti-cancer activity, better than some cancer drugs according to one study due to specialized antioxidants.

-Shows potent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial activity that cleanses the scalp and prevents hair loss. It moisturizes the hair and helps to grow hair when taken consistently.

-May protect your heart from damage.  Guava leaf also may help to lower blood pressure.

-Helps reduce painful menstrual cramping and other symptoms, when taken in a dose of at least 6 mg.

Also reduces stomach and uterine cramps. It has been shown as being more powerful than some painkillers for these purposes.


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