Nowadays, one of the worldwide leading causes of death is a heart attack. Although it comes all suddenly and surprises the victim, there are warning symptoms that appear months before the heart attack. If we just pay closer attention to our body’s messages, we could react in time and prevent a heart attack.

A month before a heart attack, your body will warn you with these 8 signs -  Hack Spirit

Did you know that every change in our body is manifested and remembered in our hair? So heart attack is no exception. A potential risk of heart attack can be an increased level of cortisol in our body, and in such cases, we should do something about it.

Financial problems, as well as problems with marriage and job, can increase the risk of heart attack, according to Canadian studies. Besides heart attack, these problems can as well increase the risk of other cardiovascular diseases. Nevertheless, Canadian experts claim that our bodies can warn us of the potential risk of a heart attack.

The levels of cortisol can be measured through blood, saliva, and urine analyses. But, the professors of the University of Western Ontario, Gideon Koran and Stan Van Mind say that these analyses show the cortisol levels just hours or several days before making these tests.

On the other hand, hair has a unique way of warning us that our body has been under stress for a longer period of time. Usually, hair grows around 1 cm in a month, so a hair strand with a length of 15 cm (6 inches) can be analyzed to tell if our body has been exposed to stress for a longer period.

This discovery was made by comparing the hair analyzes of 56 participants who had experienced a heart attack, and the hair analyzes of men who haven’t had a heart attack but some other cardiovascular condition.


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