It is fairly well known in most circles that B vitamins are healthy.

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These vitamins are one of the most difficult to find in food, but they are absolutely essential for health.

In fact, a B vitamin deficiency may result in symptoms like anxiety, panic attacks and depression over time.

Some of the most popular sources of Vitamin B include Vitamin B supplements, broccoli, sprouts, leafy green vegetables, beans and fortified grain products.

An often overlooked source is organ meats, which are considered by many naturopathic doctors to be one of the healthiest foods you can eat, even though they don’t always taste so great to most people.

Organ Meats are an Excellent Source of Choline 

Choline is an essential nutrient that benefits the brain, muscles and liver.

Organ meats are one of the best source of choline, along with eggs, nuts, and cruciferous vegetables like those mentioned above, according to Dr. Robert Kiltz.

Dr. Kiltz found through decades of clinical practice that poor dietary habits and lack of nutrients are among the biggest causes of infertility and virtually every other condition, which is why he now recommends organ meats and organ meat supplements to his patients.

Liver is the Most Nutrient Dense Organ Meat 

Liver is a powerful source of Vitamin A, which improves eye health and reduces inflammation that may cause Alzheimer’s Disease, arthritis, and other health conditions.

Beef liver contains iron, copper, zinc, chromium, folic acid and other mineral-based nutrients. This is important in today’s day and age because our soil is so depleted from Roundup and chemical farming that most people are incredibly deficient in these and other nutrients.

Beef liver is especially good for the heart and building up the health of your blood so it is able to deliver nutrients to where they are needed most in the body.

Organ Meats Are Rich in Benefits

Most people would never dream of eating organ meats like the heart, brain and kidneys but they are incredibly rich in specific nutrients in their own right.

The kidney provides Omega-3 fatty acids and contains anti-inflammatory properties that are useful for heart health.

The brain provides Omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients including phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine that help the immune system.

The tongue is rich in Vitamin B12 and may be especially helpful for pregnant women or people recovering from illness because of how nutrient-dense this meat is according to MedicalNewsToday.

These B vitamins found in organ meats are known to have a cardioprotective effect, the publication stated.

People with gout or gout-like symptoms should be careful not to eat too many organ meats.

Avoid GMO-Fed “Conventional” Meats at All Costs

It is also important to consume organ meats from a clean source.

Most animals are raised in factory farm conditions and are fed genetically modified corn and soy to fatten them up.

These grains are an unnatural diet for farm animals, and may contribute to serious health problems in both the animals and the humans who consume them.


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