If we want our body to be healthy and in balance, we need to eat alkaline and acidic food. Still, a bigger part of the foods and beverages that we consume cause an imbalance in pH values, causing many health problems. If the pH level is more acidic, diseases start to develop. It can result in inflammation and toxins accumulation that make our immune system weaker. To eliminate all the toxins and restore balance, we need both alkaline and acidic food.


What foods are alkaline and acidic at the same time?

There are 9 foods that you should eat every day in order to protect your health.


Nuts are very healthy. They are abundant in nutrients and essential fatty acids that improve your overall health. They are great for your skin and hair, for increasing your muscle mass, for promoting brain function, stimulating weight loss, and lowering cholesterol levels.


This vegetable is more than 90 % water. Therefore it helps your body stay hydrated, eliminates excess water, and purifies the body from all toxins and waste. This way it balances the level of acids in your body. Cucumber is also very effective in uric acid crystallization prevention.



Cabbage contains high amounts of magnesium and folate which improve the function of the digestive system. Cabbage boosts your immunity and promotes alkalinity. It is also abundant in fibers that protect the body from cancer. Being low in calories, also helps you lose some weight.

Plum tomatoes

Plum tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C, and E that are excellent for treating every kind of skin condition. They support the process of losing unwanted weight and can also prevent some types of cancer, especially bladder cancer.


This citrus fruit is an alkaline food that is low in sugar even though it is very sweet. It boosts your metabolism and provides your body with a lot of vitamin C that increases your immunes system. Grapefruit is great for your health as it increases the alkaline levels in your body. It also prevents fat to accumulate in your body, helping you to regulate your weight.


Key limes

Key limes are citrus fruits that are very alkaline and abundant in vitamin C. They clean the urinary tract from toxins, excess acids, bacteria, and promote better urinary function.

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Lemons are excellent for the digestive system. They regulate pH balance and detoxify the whole body. This citrus fruit is commonly used as a way to lose some weight in a healthy and fast way. Although their taste is acidic, they are alkaline, promoting great alkaline levels in the organism.


Basil is considered to be the king of all herbs because it contains a lot of nutrients. It contains high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, iron, vitamin C, vitamin K, as well as calcium. All of these nutrients are great in body detox, in decreasing the acid levels and preventing kidney stones.


Cantaloupes are in the same family as melons, so they have a sweet taste, but are very healthy. They contain a lot of water, beta carotene, vitamin B, and phytochemicals. Cantaloupes stimulate the production of more white blood cells that improve immunity and help eliminate excess acids and the accumulated toxins in the body. This vegetable is also great in balancing your body’s pH levels.


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