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Dr. Eric Berg is a naturopathic and holistic doctor based out of Washington, D.C. who has become a mainstay on social media over the past decade, reaching over 400 million people on his YouTube channel as part of a subscriber base of more than three million people.

Berg is well known not just on the social media landscape, but also among senior officials in the U.S. government, doctors, high-level executives of major corporations, scientists, and other clients from many different walks of life.

While living healthy may seem like a simple task for anyone who’s been following along with recent trends, there’s one issue in particular relating to one of the most popular supplements out there, protein powders, that could be harming not just your overall health, but specifically one of the most important organs in the entire body: your liver.

Dr. Berg Warns: This is the Worst Protein Powder for Liver Health on the Market

Speaking on his blog to an audience of hundreds of thousands, Dr. Berg took aim at one of the most widely used protein sources in the health food industry, one that many doctors are now saying is far less healthy than they ever realized: soy isolate protein.

Soy has been marketed as a health food for the better part of the last few decades.

But this unnatural, isolated form of soy is not only potentially toxic due to the chemicals used to produce it, but it also may damage the liver, according to Dr. Berg in the video below.

“No it’s not pea protein, it’s not even whey protein, it is the soy protein isolate,” Berg says in the video.

“That’s the worst protein you can possibly consume.”

As noted by Dr. Berg, over 90% of the soy on the market is genetically modified, which means that in most cases it has been created in a laboratory setting to withstand large sprayings of glyphosate, the Monsanto-produced chemical that was declared a “probable human carcinogen” in spring 2015 by the top cancer research body of the World Health Organization.

According to Berg, this form of protein is being used in countless products, and most people are still oblivious to the damage it can cause.

“It’s in the diet shakes, it’s in the diet bars, it’s in infant formula…Crazy,” Berg states.

“It’s in the artificial vegan patties that are far meat, so you want to stay away from this protein; it’s really hard on your liver, plus, it’s not fermented.”

Non-fermented soy can wreak havoc on your body’s top detoxification organ, Dr. Berg warned.

“That means it doesn’t digest well, and it’s going to be really hard on your liver.”

Dr. Berg also describes a memory of eating imitation chicken nuggets at Whole Foods that contain this damaging source of protein, and why he never wants to put himself in that situation again.

“The whole right side of my liver was in pain,” he said.

“So that was the perfect demonstration of what I’m not going to do again.”


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