“Minus 550 Pounds In 2 Years”: A Girl Managed To Change Her Life From a Plump Girl To a Cute Beauty!

At just 22 years old, Christina Phillips weighed 660 lbs in her youth. Her struggle with obesity began early, with her hitting 290 lbs by the age of 12. Looking at photos before and after her dramatic weight loss journey, it’s hard to believe they depict the same person—but they do.



Christina’s weight issues stemmed from childhood, exacerbated by her parents’ frequent arguments, which led her to cope with stress through overeating. Back then, there was no oversight on the quality or quantity of her food intake. Despite this, she had a supportive boyfriend who overlooked her weight.


It wasn’t until she was 18 that Christina faced serious health issues, struggling to get out of bed and nearly ceasing to walk due to intense leg pain caused by her excessive weight.

Fortune smiled on her when she became a participant in the ‘I Weigh 660 lbs’ project, which she successfully completed. Her journey to shedding pounds began with gastric bypass surgery.

Two years of rigorous exercise and strict dieting helped Christina shed an astonishing 550 lbs. The final step involved removing excess skin. Her transformation was complete when she not only regained her health but also became a mother to a healthy baby shortly after losing weight.

Today, Christina Phillips is unrecognizable from her former self, having undergone a remarkable physical and emotional transformation.

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