There are a lot of factors that cause muscle pain, but none are more common than physical injuries either intended or otherwise. Sure enough, muscle pain can lead to numbness if you’re unable to treat it quickly. And while you have a first aid kit at the ready, you might want to stock up on pain relief remedies based on natural sources.

For this, look no further than herbs we can find just about anywhere. Not only are they safer than the “all-natural” ointments you can find at the supermarket, but herbs are also very potent when applied raw. You can bet that there are herbs that work wonders on sprains and strains.

Whether you’re a casual gym-goer or a professional athlete, you can use the following herbs in easing pain and accelerating the healing process for torn and damaged muscles.


This popular spice makes for a great flavor enhancer in any dish. But did you know that it also has phytochemicals which help reduce swelling? Other than that, ginger can also maintain healthy joints and gradually relieves muscle pain. Whether you include a few slices of ginger in your food or you take this spice in capsule form, you still get the benefits you need to relax your muscles after a long day of strenuous work.

Devil’s Claw

Don’t be fooled by the cool name; this species of wildflower packs a considerable punch against muscle pain of every kind, whether it’s a busted kneecap or a sore back. Moreover, numerous studies have pointed out the herb’s therapeutic abilities such as relieving rheumatism and also promoting better digestion.


We all know turmeric as a spice we often use to cook savory meals with a kick. In terms of relieving chronic pain, however, this type of curry spice can definitely help out in reducing the effects of arthritis, on top of supplying the body with an array of antioxidants that can help beef up the immune system and reduce the risk of infection.


Your state may or may not have regulations over the sale and use of cannabis and cannabis products. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that evidence exists of cannabis’ effectiveness as a pain relief agent. And unlike other pain relief products, cannabis proves to be more effective as it does not develop dependency in the user. This would make ideal medication for athletes and even members of first response teams. Indeed, with the medicinal benefits of cannabis, you won’t have to worry about buying over-the-counter drugs that are way too harmful.


Lastly, we can’t cap our list of effective sources of pain relief without mentioning bromelain. Although it’s widely known as a fruit-bearing plant, bromelain also proves to be a potent ingredient for reducing pain, all thanks to an enzyme that contains anti-inflammatory properties. Taken in either supplement or liquid form, this herb is well-suited for people with osteoarthritis.

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