Having one’s wisdom teeth extracted is a common procedure…roughly 10 million Americans have this done every year.  But this begs the question, is the human design really that flawed?  Were we created with body parts that are unnecessary and need to be surgically removed?  Not according to the American Journal of Public Health which published that roughly 67% of all wisdom teeth extractions were indeed “medically unnecessary”.  Why?  Perhaps because wisdom tooth extraction is something we don’t question, we are told we don’t need them, we can’t see them and the dental industry makes about a billion dollars a year?  Seems likely!


Are Wisdom Teeth Necessary?

Also called “third molars” these are the teeth furthest back in your mouth.  They usually come in during your teens but sometimes not until your 20’s.  Like all other teeth, wisdom teeth are vital, living organs.  Like all other organs they are connected via neuro-pathways and vascular structures.  These connections have even been mapped out according to acupuncture meridians.  Wisdom teeth, in particular, are connected to our pituitary glands and small intestine.  In fact, 46% of the nerves from your cerebral cortex pass through the face and mouth.  Meaning, tooth extraction disrupts the flow of neuro-transmitters and breaks the acupuncture meridian.  Known to Chinese medicine for 5,000 years, acupuncture meridians show a vital relationship between your teeth and your entire body including bones, joints, organs and endocrine glands.

Dangers Associated with Tooth Extractions

Did you know there have been as many as 175,000 reports of permanent nerve damage such as tingling, prickling and numbness after having a tooth extracted?  This is vital proof that our nerves are affected by tooth extractions.

Since, according to California dental consultant Jay Friedman, two thirds of all tooth extractions are medically unnecessary, don’t blindly agree to what your dentist says.  They are at the end of the day, running a business.  If they feel you wont mind it, and your insurance won’t put up a fight, they just might try to make a buck off you!


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