do you fave sleep problems?

Insomnia is getting common these days. It is hard to treat insomnia but easier to understand the causes of sleep problems to prevent it.

Insomnia symptoms occur in almost 50% of the adult population!

If you are tossing and turning in bed and unable to sleep, then this article is for you. There are so many people facing the same.

Here are the top 4 reasons that cause sleep problems. It is the area where Radiofrequency ablation and other medical technologies cannot help, but a few lifestyle changes can.

Once you know the reasons you can easily make the changes in your lifestyle to get a good night time.

  1. Consuming Caffeine Later in Day

There are so many ways people are consuming caffeine. People who drink coffee, tea or energy drinks later in a day have a harder time sleeping.

It is proven that caffeine gives an energy boost to brain and it is an active stimulant to awake someone. This is the reason people take bed tea or coffee to start the day actively. On the other hand it has effects on the sleep quality as it only keeps the people awaken.

Caffeine enters the bloodstream within ten minutes of consumption while it is completely absorbed in the body in 45 to 50 minute. As the level of caffeine reaches at peak the person become alert and can concentrate more. If you have consumed caffeine in the later part of the day it definitely disturbs sleep.

When the energy levels boosted by caffeine is dropped; the person feel even more tired the next day. This is the reason that everyone needs more caffeine the next day to make it through the day. It is good for brands making caffeine products but definitely not for you.

  1. More use of Electronic Devices

Using electronic devices just before sleep reduces the quality and timing of sleep. There is this hormone in the body called melatonin that is controlled by exposure to light. This hormone is also responsible for sleep time and quality. It regulates the cycle of sleeping and waking up.

When it is dark and there is no light exposure, more melatonin is produced and it makes a person sleepy. When there is light, less melatonin is produced and it makes a person alert rather than sleepy.

Using electronic devices gives light exposure and alter the production of melatonin production. Studies have shown that 95% of people use any kind of electronic device. When you are using it in your bedtime it disturbs sleep time.

  1. Having a Late and Heavy Dinner

A heavy dinner interferes with the sleep. It is recommended to have your last meal of the day at least 3 hours before going to bed. The gap of 3 hours between dinner and sleep lets the food digest in the stomach and move to the small intestine. When the food is digested; it prevents heartburn, reflux and insomnia.

The digestion process might keep the person awake and hence it is better to take the dinner before bedtime. The natural sleep cycle is disturbed when you keep eating at late hours and heavily.

  1. Disturbed Sleep Cycle

The body has a natural sleep-wake cycle called circadian rhythm. If it is not in sync due to any reason, it may lead to insomnia. It usually happens when you do not have the same time of going to bed every night. You should have a set bedtime that should also be observed during weekends. If you sleep at 11:00pm during the week, you can only be an hour late on the weekends. The more sleep schedule differs, the more you experience problems in sleeping.

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