Each culture has its own tradition of natural and holistic healing, and Ayurvedic medicine is the most famous among Indian cultures.

Ayurvedic medicine takes into account the body’s constitution (prakriti) and life forces (doshas), with the goal of healing a person holistically from the ground up by seeing the entire mind-body-spirit as an interconnected system of different aspects.

Yes, Turmeric Can Prevent Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain -

Ayurveda is also designed to eliminate impurities from the system while increasing resistance to disease, reducing stress and worry, and increasing harmony in life, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

One of the most oft-used spices or healing agents in Ayurvedic medicine is turmeric, a spice that is renowned for its many health benefits.

Recent research has shown it may have the ability to help patients heal from 14 different diseases without side effects, in large part because it helps to reduce inflammation.

Turmeric also may help protect against one of the most notorious chemicals in our water supply and environment: fluoride, the synthetic chemical that is added to our water supply under the guise of helping to heal our teeth, which is actually a toxic byproduct of the fertilizer industry.

Fluoride is found everywhere from drinking water to non-stick cookware to toothpaste, making exposure an inescapable fact of life for millions of people.

Lately, new research has found that turmeric is capable of preventing the damage caused by fluoride to the brain and other systems of the body. 

The study, published in Pharmacognosy Magazine, is titled ‘Curcumin attenuates neurotoxicity induced by fluoride.’

The study adds support to the suspicion that fluoride is damaging people’s brains, while also revealing that turmeric is capable of being utilized by the human body as a protective agent against the damaging effects of the highly toxic compound.

The study was authored by University College of Science researchers who have spent the past decade investigating the mechanisms by which fluoride induces severe neurodegenerative changes in the mammalian brain, particularly the hippocampus and cerebral cortex.

Previously it has been observed that fluoride may cause fluorosis, a mottling of tooth enamel cause by excessive exposure, as well as neurodegenerative changes associated with a type of oxidative stress known as lipid peroxidation. 

A total decrease in brain phospholipid content has been absorbed after long-term exposure to fluoride.

More information can be found in this article.

There are Many Ways to Protect Yourself From the Harmful Effects of Fluoride

Turmeric is just one of several ways to protect your mind and body from the damaging effects of fluoride.

Holy basil tea is another anti-fluoride herb that has been extensively studied for its health-bestowing properties.

Tamarind, a tangy, exotic brown fruit, is another plant-based substance that prevents the harmful effects of fluoride.

Some people use fluoride-filtering water pitchers like this one from Clearly Filtered (use code ‘althealthworks’ for a discount at checkout).

Drinking more fresh spring water instead of tap water, or using a water distiller are other ways to avoid fluoride on a daily basis.

Turmeric is of course one of the best ways, as mentioned above.

One way to get more turmeric in your daily routine is to add it to your cooking.

Ideally, organic turmeric spices like this one from Simply Organic should be used because many non-organic brands have been irradiated and may contain fillers and preservatives.

Another way to take turmeric is by consuming these organic capsules from Paleo Valley.

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